A Message from the Party President

November 16, 2013

Dear friends,

I write to inform you that Provincial Executive has received the resignation of Darrell Dexter as Leader of the Nova Scotia New Democratic Party.

Darrell has served as our Leader since 2001. To say it has been a successful period for our Party would be an understatement. Darrell’s leadership brought us to victory, forming the first ever NDP Government in Nova Scotia.

I am confident that the legacy of Darrell’s leadership will be felt by Nova Scotians for years to come. Quite simply, as Leader and Premier, Darrell did make life better for Nova Scotians. For seniors, this meant putting a stop to the practice of forcing them into poverty to pay for healthcare in nursing homes and eliminating provincial income tax for those with low incomes. For families, it meant no more provincial HST on essentials like home energy and children’s clothing. For future generations, it meant finally having a Government that did something to address climate change and preserve wilderness throughout our province.

I know Darrell believes that leadership is an ability to recognize and manage change coupled with a will to seize opportunity, meet challenges and accept criticism. That is why so much of Darrell’s focus was on the longer term changes needed to increase economic, social and environmental justice for Nova Scotians.

Besides being Leader and Premier we know Darrell as our friend. I know that in his new role Darrell will be as actively committed to the NDP as he was when he joined the Young New Democrats.

Thank you Darrell your service to our Party and our Province.

When a vacancy occurs in the position of Leader our Constitution requires that Council appoint an Acting Leader after consulting with the Caucus.

I have had the opportunity to consult with members of Caucus and they will nominate Maureen MacDonald as our Acting Leader.

Maureen is a tireless and talented advocate. As an experienced MLA and long time Party member, Maureen will be an excellent leader during this period of transition. Members of Council will consider her nomination at our next meeting scheduled on Saturday, November 23rd.

Yours truly,

David Wallbridge