Corbett and Gosse mournful of the loss of Alistair MacLeod

April 21, 2014

Sydney, NS- With many condolences MLAs Frank Corbett and Gordie Gosse are echoing the grief being expressed by so many at the news of the death of storyteller and literary giant, Alistair MacLeod.

“Cape Breton herself is grieving the loss of one of her most talented storytellers,” said Corbett, MLA for Cape Breton Centre. “Alistair MacLeod had a rare gift for illustrating with great passion and detail the lives of Cape Bretoners through his literary works. And his storytelling capacity is unparalleled.”

“Through his many stories Alistair MacLeod was able to capture the lives of ordinary Cape Bretoners with dignity and great respect,” said Gosse, MLA for Sydney-Whitney Pier. “That quote from ‘No Great Mischief’, that “all of us are better when we are loved,” that’s true. And Cape Breton is better for being loved by Alistair MacLeod,” reflected Gosse.

Frank and Gordie send their deepest sympathies to Anita MacLeod along with their children and grandchildren. “As an island we thank you for sharing Alistair with us. His books and the stories within will endure, as a testament to both his love for Cape Breton and his tremendous literary abilities.”