Alternative Budget highlights Liberal failure on economic and job growth

April 20, 2017

For Immediate Release

HALIFAX – NDP Leader Gary Burrill says that the Alternative Provincial Budget from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives shows the province has options beyond cutting funding to nursing homes and refusing to invest in health care and education.

“Stephen McNeil’s approach of balancing the budget by cutting funding to seniors’ care and failing to make the required investments in our classrooms is a total failure,” said Burrill.  “I want to thank the CCPA-NS for showing that there are alternatives. We don’t have to have a government of zeros – we can have a government of investment.”

The Alternative Budget highlights the low economic growth and stalled employment levels under the Liberal government. It suggests that by investing in health care, education, child care and reducing poverty, Nova Scotia can make serious economic gains while advancing the goals of social, environmental and economic justice.

“The Premier can run around making funding announcements all he likes, but his record speaks for itself. Cuts and fewer jobs – that’s Stephen McNeil’s record,” said Burrill.

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