Premier’s comments on Younger’s expenses raise more questions than answers

February 6, 2015

NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald says it’s unfair Premier McNeil allowed Andrew Younger to spend $35,000 of taxpayer money on trips at a time when Nova Scotians are being told to expect layoffs, tax increases and cuts to services in the upcoming budget.

“This is a Premier who talks tough with health care workers but claims not to know what his Ministers are up to,” says MacDonald. “As we’ve seen time and time again Stephen McNeil has two sets of rules; one for public sector workers and another for his Cabinet.”

She adds, “Why did the Premier take so long to start keeping tabs on his Ministers’ travel? You would have thought he would have clamped down after it was discovered Minister Zach Churchill and MLA Keith Irving spent $15,000 to go to Boston for a week this summer. But for some reason he allowed this type of excessive spending to continue.”

Last night CTV reported that in less than eight months Younger had spent close to $35,000 on trips to Germany, Scotland, Korea, South America and various locations in the United States and Canada.