October 2, 2013

I am writing on behalf of Premier Darrell Dexter, Leader of the New Democratic Party, to assure you that the NDP is fully committed to preventing cruelty to animals.

 You and many other caring Nova Scotians are speaking out for those who cannot speak for themselves.

The NDP is working hard to implement the Animal Protection Act amendments that the NDP adopted in the Legislature this spring, to define the standard of care for animals, including physical shelters such as dog houses, animal restraints and tethers. The amendments also expanded the definition of distress for an animal, making it easier for SPCA investigators to do their job.

Nova Scotia will soon become the second province to have tethering regulations, based on the overwhelming response in the public consultations. The views expressed were predominantly in favour of making 24/7 tethering illegal in Nova Scotia. The NDP government will soon engage stakeholders in reviewing draft plain language regulations to end 24/7 tethering. The NDP has set October 31 as the target date to complete the drafting of those regulations.

That date will enable the Animal Protection Act amendments and new regulations to take effect this Fall, so dogs will not face another winter chained outside day and night.

I trust that you will have the opportunity to review the NDP platform in informing your voting intentions in this election. More details on our campaign are available on the website at https://classic.nsndp.ca/.

Thank you for the opportunity to outline the NDP positions on these issues.


Best regards,

Dan O’Connor

Chief of Staff to Premier Darrell Dexter – Leader, Nova Scotia New Democratic Party