Another broken Liberal promise is costing Nova Scotia 10 jobs

May 30, 2014

(New Waterford, NS) NDP Energy Critic Frank Corbett says Stephen McNeil continues to break his pre-election promises when it comes to Nova Scotia Power (NSP).

Corbett made the comments after learning Nova Scotia Power will be eliminating 10 line inspector jobs in an effort to save money.

“Stephen McNeil never had any intention of keeping the promises he made during the election,” said Corbett. “He didn’t break the power monopoly. He didn’t make Nova Scotia Power pay the $46 million cost of efficiency programs out of its profits. In fact, all he’s done is allow Nova Scotia Power to earn massive profits under his government.”

Corbett added, “The fact that Stephen McNeil would allow NSP to eliminate the jobs of 10 hardworking Nova Scotians so its shareholders can earn a few extra dollars pretty much says it all.”

 Corbett also questioned what happened to a September 9, 2013 Liberal promise to “force performance and reliability standards” on Nova Scotia Power and impose fines of up to $100,000 for power outages. 

“I’ve heard of people losing power in the last six months, but I don’t recall any fines being imposed,” said Corbett.  “As for performance standards, it obviously isn’t a priority for Nova Scotia Power if they‘re getting rid of line inspectors.  Perhaps if Stephen McNeil had followed through on his campaign commitment, the loss of 10 good jobs could have been prevented.”

Corbett added, “Again, the Liberals aren’t as advertised, and again it’s Nova Scotia workers that are paying the price.”