McNeil government denying seniors access to valuable information

June 17, 2015

NDP leader Maureen MacDonald says the McNeil government is denying seniors and their families access to crucial information by rejecting the Auditor General’s recommendation to make long-term care wait list information public.

On page 17 of today’s Auditor General report it was disclosed that the McNeil government rejected a previous recommendation to place long-term care wait list information on a web site. According to the Auditor General, “this could help Nova Scotians make more informed decisions concerning placement in long-term care facilities.”

The NDP agrees, which is why in the spring sitting of the legislature the NDP introduced a bill to require the Department of Health to publish this information on an annual basis. The Liberal majority government did not allow the bill to proceed.

“This information is crucial for seniors and their families to make informed decisions about entering a long-term care facility,” says MacDonald. “Given that the McNeil government has placed a 24 hour ultimatum on seniors to accept a bed or be removed from the waitlist, it’s more important than ever that they have access to this information.”

Recently the NDP obtained a document that indicated a 175 seniors have been kicked off the long-term care waitlist since February because they weren’t quite ready to leave their homes.