Auditor’s report shows Liberals dragging their feet on health care wait times

February 22, 2017

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HALIFAX – Today, the Auditor General criticized the McNeil government for acting on just two of seven recommendations to improve health care wait times. The Auditor General’s report notes that the government has admitted they have not completed these recommendations due to the reorganization of the health authorities.

“The Liberals have been more focused on moving bureaucrats around in the health authority than on key health care issues like reducing wait times for patients and providing access to family doctors,” said NDP Leader Gary Burrill.  “This is like treating a patient with an ear infection before treating someone with a heart attack.”

Nova Scotia has the longest wait times in Canada for knee and hip surgery. The Auditor General’s recommendations would set specific targets for wait times and keep patients informed about the province’s goals for reducing wait times for knee and hip replacement surgery.

Wait times have continued to increase under the McNeil Liberals. According to the government’s own data, in 2016, wait times for hip replacements increased from 538 days to 647 days and wait times for knee replacements increased from 680 to 725 days.

“Stephen McNeil keeps showing us the range of what he can’t accomplish – reducing wait times, providing family doctors, improving our schools.” said Burrill. “The NDP knows we can make the necessary investments to improve access to health care.”

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