Baillie and Conservatives Must Carry Record of Bankrupting Seniors, Attempting to Cut Funding to Transition Houses and Putting HST on Home Energy

September 7, 2013

(Halifax, N.S.) As former chief of staff in the last Conservative government, Jamie Baillie will carry the baggage of a party that spent recklessly on things like kiddie ATVs, allowed ER closures to skyrocket and forced seniors in nursing homes into bankruptcy throughout an upcoming campaign, said NDP MLA David Wilson.
Wilson, responding to the launch of Baillie’s Conservative campaign today, said Baillie must explain how a government that put the HST on home energy and left Nova Scotia with the worst economy in the country deserves Nova Scotian’s support.
“Mr. Baillie’s first move as Chief of Staff for the Conservatives was to try to cut funding to transition houses and women’s shelters,” Wilson said. “Conservatives overspent their budgets by hundreds of millions, and yet refused for years to listen to seniors who they were forcing into bankruptcy to pay for health in long term care facilities. Darrell Dexter changed that practice through his campaign for fairness for seniors.”
“The last Conservative government, when asked about high gas prices said Nova Scotians should take the bus,” Wilson said. “Now they pretend to care, but a leopard doesn’t change it’s spots.  Baillie and the Conservatives have a lot to answer for in the upcoming campaign.”
The NDP has already released its platform. It involves seven practical steps for today’s families to keep building a better future right here in Nova Scotia. 
The NDP will: deliver better health care where and when people need it, fight for good jobs and stronger communities, Keep the HST off home energy and take it off more family essentials, give our kids a better start, stand up for seniors, build the Maritime Link and keep the budget balanced to protect services for families.