Baillie desperate for power

April 24, 2017

For Immediate Release

TRURO  – NDP MLA Lenore Zann says Jamie Baillie’s ‘Ready to Win’ slogan tells Nova Scotians all they need to know about the upcoming Conservative provincial campaign.

“Jamie Baillie is following in Kevin O’Leary’s footsteps and making this election all about him and his desperate need to win at all costs,” says Zann.  “Nova Scotians should be wary that Jamie Baillie will say and promise anything – purely to try to secure their vote.”

“Jamie Baillie spoke at a recent candidate nomination meeting where his party unveiled their ‘Ready to Win’ slogan. Politicians should care first and foremost about the people – about what matters to them and how we can make their lives better.  It’s clear Baillie cares only about one thing: winning at all costs,” says Zann.  “There hasn’t been an issue that has come up that Mr. Baillie hasn’t tried to photo bomb – and now we know why, he’s desperate for power.”

“Stephen McNeil’s slashing and cutting has left many every day people hurting. After spending three years telling Nova Scotians that the Province is broke and the cupboard is bare, on the eve of an election he is suddenly spending millions of dollars across the province to try to buy votes. The people of Nova Scotia deserve better. They have been played too many times. They deserve an ethical party with a vision, positivity, and the belief that by working together we can create healthy, happy and secure communities – by putting people first. The NDP has been listening. We have been fighting for the best interests of the people. And we are ready to do just that.”

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