Baillie not being straight with Nova Scotians about Tory energy scheme

September 15, 2013

(Lower Sackville, N.S.) NDP candidate Mat Whynott says Conservative leader Jamie Baillie isn’t being straight with Nova Scotians about the Conservative energy scheme.

“Jamie Baillie’s Conservative energy scheme is misleading and unworkable. It would drive up power costs, create a dirty environment and leave Nova Scotia without an affordable way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said Whynott, who is running in Sackville- Beaverbank.

Whynott says Baillie’s scheme pulls Nova Scotians away from price stabilizing renewables and ignores the fact that fossil fuel prices will continue to increase.

“Baillie is looking at the short term gain for political purposes and ignoring the long term pain that further tying Nova Scotians to fossil fuels will have. That is how we got to where we are today – successive years of Liberal and Conservative governments that kept Nova Scotia tied to fossil fuels,” said Whynott.

Whynott says Baillie wants to scrap renewables even though they are the lowest long term cost and the greenest form of energy. Also, his scheme to freeze power rates won’t work because the cost of fuels used to run Nova Scotia Power’s generating plants will continue to rise, creating deferred costs that have to be paid at some point.

“At what cost will taxpayers have to subsidize Jamie Baillie’s freeze?” said Whynott.

Only the NDP have a plan to secure the fairest rates for Nova Scotians. That plan includes energy that is local, reliable, green, tax-free and efficient.

Election day is Tuesday, October 8.