Bankruptcies and poverty up, jobs down, under McNeil Liberals

September 15, 2016

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HALIFAX – The economic situation in Nova Scotia continues to get worse under Stephen McNeil’s leadership.  Recent reports show that bankruptcies are up, with more than 5,000 Nova Scotians filing for bankruptcy or creditor protection in the past year. Indicators also show poverty numbers up dramatically under Stephen McNeil, with 7,500 more people using food banks now than when the Liberals took office. And the jobs situation is far worse today than it was a year ago with 2,900 fewer jobs in the province, according to Statistics Canada.

“Fewer jobs, more bankruptcies, more people using food banks.  This is what happens when a government’s only idea is cutting back, pruning back, and taking things away,” said NDP Leader Gary Burrill.

The NDP has put forward concrete solutions to these problems, including :

  • A $15 minimum wage introduced over three years to help up to 130,000 people who make under $15 per hour.
  • A grocery security program to make sure every person in the province has enough income to buy their food at a grocery store instead of going to a food bank, assisting about 40,000 families.
  • Eliminating tuition fees at the Nova Scotia Community College to make sure every student can get the skills and training they need and graduate without a massive amount of debt.

“Our plan is focused on investing in our province’s future,” said Burrill. “We need to move from cutting back to putting back. The NDP is committed to building an economy where people can afford to live.”


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