Bill 100 another attack on collective rights by the McNeil government

April 27, 2015

Bill 100 violates the collective rights of university faculty and staff and will lead to turmoil within Nova Scotia’s post-secondary education system, says NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald.

“The McNeil government obviously didn’t learn anything from their disastrous Bill 1 where they were intent on picking a fight with health care workers by forcing them into new unions.”

MacDonald says there are serious issues with the bill which forbids the signing of new collective agreements and takes away the right to strike if a university decides to restructure.

MacDonald adds, “This bill tramples on existing collective agreements and suspends the rights of thousands of Nova Scotians working in the university sector. It violates the collective rights of every single non-management employee – from the cleaners, trades and maintenance workers, administrative support workers, librarians, part-time teachers and faculty, in all of the provinces universities.”

“This is a bill that will undoubtedly lead to a long drawn out legal challenge and create a great deal of uncertainty.”