Bill 75 sideshow at Legislature does not address students’ needs

February 21, 2017

For Immediate Release

HALIFAX – Not one student’s learning conditions have been improved by this past week of around-the-clock legislative sittings, according to NDP Leader Gary Burrill.

“Our schools are in crisis and Stephen McNeil keeps telling teachers he can’t make the investments that they know are needed,” said Burrill. “Instead of productive discussions on improving classroom conditions, the McNeil Liberals have insulted, offended and undermined teachers, students, and parents who are crying out for help.”

If elected, the NDP would repeal Bill 75 and Bill 148, as well as other anti-union legislation brought forward by the Liberals.

Last week, NDP Education Critic Lenore Zann introduced legislation that would improve classroom learning by capping class sizes at all grade levels and make sure class composition is considered when implementing class caps. Reducing the number of students in the classroom has been a major issue that teachers have brought forward.

“We have just spent a week in the Legislature, sitting around the clock, but none of this was done to improve classroom conditions,” said Zann. “Instead, the McNeil Liberals have shut down any discussion on actual solutions, using their legislative hammer to try to pound teachers into submission.”

“The NDP Caucus would be happy to sit for another week, around the clock if necessary, to figure out how we can make sure students get the supports they need by capping class sizes, reducing the administrative burden on teachers, and eliminating unnecessary assessments,” said Burrill.

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