Why are the Liberals in such a hurry to pass #Bill1?

October 1, 2014

NDP House Leader Frank Corbett says the Liberals have yet to explain why they are jamming Bill 1 through the House of Assembly against the will of the public. Corbett made the comments after confirming the Law Amendments committee has turned away dozens of people who want speak on Bill 1.

Last night at approximately at 11:30 p.m. the Liberal majority on the committee pushed through a motion to deny people a chance to speak at Law Amendments without the consent of the opposition. Corbett says in his 15 years he’s never seen a Premier trample on the democratic rights of Nova Scotians like Stephen McNeil.

“In the last 72 hours Stephen McNeil has stripped health care workers of their democratic right to free association, and now he’s taking away the right of all Nova Scotians to speak at Law Amendments,” said Corbett. “With no impending crisis and no strike deadline looming, Stephen McNeil has decided to declare Marshall Law.”

Corbett said, the fact that the Premier, his Health Minister and his Minster of Labour aren’t available to talk about Bill 1 is only adding to the heavy handed chaos. He says given the scope of this bill, the public deserves more time to scrutinize its potential impact.

“Bill 1 will impact every single Nova Scotian who relies on our health care system. In terms of scope it may be the largest bill in the history of our province and the Liberals are trying to pass it under a veil of secrecy,” Corbett.

He added, “The fact that Leo Glavine has given four or five different explanations for the bill is a cause for concern. If the Health Minister hasn’t bothered to read Bill 1 and understand it, if he can’t show up at the house to vote on his own bill because he’s scared he will have to talk to reporters, how in good conscience can the Liberals expect the House of Assembly to pass this bill?”