Supreme Court ruling a major blow to Liberal Essential Services Legislation

January 30, 2015

(New Waterford) NDP Labour Critic Frank Corbett says a Supreme Court ruling striking down a Saskatchewan essential services law proves Bill 37 “isn’t worth the napkin it was written on.” He’s worried hastily written Liberal labour legislation will lead to years of uncertainty and unrest in Nova Scotia’s health care sector.

“When is Stephen McNeil going to learn that Canada has a Charter of Rights and Freedoms and that workers have a right to a fair collective bargaining process,” said Corbett. “Maybe it’s a symptom of having a Labour Minister in title only, but time and time again this government has rammed through bad pieces of legislation that disregard the laws of our country.”

Corbett adds, “Today’s ruling should really send a message to the Premier that he needs to put the brakes on and take a new approach to labour negotiations. Otherwise, this province could experience years of labour unrest as the legal challenges mount against Bill 37 and Bill 1.”

Today, by a 5-2 margin, the Supreme Court overturned a Saskatchewan essential services law that prevented public servants from striking. Last fall the Liberal government passed Bill 37 which limits the ability of health care workers in Nova Scotia from striking.