Belliveau wants to know what bridges the Liberals are considering closing

June 11, 2014

NDP Transportation critic Sterling Belliveau is asking the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal to tell Nova Scotians which bridges his government is considering closing.

Today during a Public Accounts Committee meeting the Deputy Minister of Transportation of Infrastructure Renewal, Paul LaFleche, indicated the Liberal government was looking at closing certain bridges in rural Nova Scotia that had become “redundant”. Later in the meeting the province’s Chief Engineer Bruce Fitzner said the number of bridges that could be closed numbered in the hundreds.

Belliveau says this news will create anxiety in rural communities and it’s important the Minister be upfront and engage communities about potential closures as soon as possible.

“These bridges may seem unnecessary to people working at the department in Halifax, but they may be very important to individuals who rely on them in rural Nova Scotia,” said Belliveau. “The province has a 5-year road plan for a reason. If the province is going to close transportation routes then that information should be included as part of the plan. Communities need to know this information in advance so they can prepare.”

Belliveau added, “The closure of bridges in rural communities could have a significant impact on school bus routes, emergency vehicle service, not to mention local businesses.”