Briefing Note: Environmental Bill of Rights

April 13, 2016

The Nova Scotia NDP plans to introduce an Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR). It will be based on Ontario’s 1993 Environmental Bill of Rights.

The EBR main features are :

  • It will supplement, not replace, Nova Scotia’s existing main environmental legislation, the Environment Act and the Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act
  • It will declare a right to a healthy environment
  • It will establish an Environmental Commissioner who will report to the Legislature. The Commissioner will have powers of investigation and reporting, but not enforcement powers. Enforcement will remain a function of the Department of Environment.
  • Public access to information about proposed projects or changes in laws will be enhanced through a Registry which will be online.
  • The ability of residents to have access to the courts will be expanded.
  • Whistle-blowers will be protected.

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