Budget 2016/2017 – A Surplus of Words

April 19, 2016

For Immediate Release

April 19, 2016

Halifax, NS – Despite pleas from Nova Scotians, Stephen McNeil and the Liberals continue to pursue an austerity agenda, complete with revenue projections of magical proportions.

Today, Finance Minister Randy Delorey tabled a budget that freezes health care spending for the second year in a row and fails to adequately address income inequality.

Newly elected Nova Scotia NDP Leader Gary Burrill says “What the Liberals have given us is a surplus of words.  What we needed was a serious investment in opportunities for people.  The Liberals have failed to show they have any ideas other than austerity.”

The budget includes a number of austerity measures including:

–          Freezing health care spending for the second year in a row

–          Cutting about $800,000 from the Nova Scotia Child Benefit

–          Cutting $3.1 million from nursing homes

–          Cutting $5.8 million from mental health programs

–          $1.4 million cut from front line child welfare workers

–          $772,000 cut from Affordable Housing maintenance and operations

–          Nothing for students facing some of the highest student debt levels in the country

–          Nothing new for the film industry


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