Budget of zeros from a government of zeros

April 27, 2017

For Immediate Release

HALIFAX – NDP Leader Gary Burrill says the provincial budget does nothing to address people’s real needs and is entirely designed to help the needs of the Liberal Party.

“This is a budget of zeros from a government of zeros,” said Burrill. “There is nothing in this budget to address the overcrowding in our hospitals, to put an end to hallway medicine, or to create a single new nursing home bed. There is nothing for students suffering with massive debt loads, or for families trying to make ends meet as grocery bills keep rising.”

The budget includes disparate amounts of money spread all over the place and aimed at helping to re-elect the Liberal Party.

“For three and a half years Stephen McNeil has been telling Nova Scotians about all the things he says we can’t do or can’t afford,” said Burrill. “Now, on the eve of an election, he is spending millions of dollars to try and get his Liberals re-elected.  It’s gross.”

With an election call anticipated this weekend, the NDP Caucus will be looking closely at the budget for hidden costs or hidden cuts.

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