Burrill challenges Premier to debate on $15 minimum wage

May 12, 2016

For Immediate Release

May 12, 2016

Halifax, NS –NDP Leader Gary Burrill emailed Premier Stephen McNeil this morning to challenge the Premier to a debate on a $15 minimum wage. (Email below)

On Tuesday, May 10th, when the NDP introduced legislation calling for a $15 minimum wage, Premier McNeil dismissed the idea out of hand, suggesting that such an increase would create inflationary pressure.

“Inflation is not our problem,” says Burrill. “Our problem is that people have to live.  I challenge the Premier to a debate on this question, in its every aspect, in any format or setting of his choosing.”

Movement toward a $15 minimum wage is gaining momentum across North America as a way to address income inequality and reduce poverty.  The NDP government in Alberta has already started the transition towards a $15 minimum wage.

“A $15 minimum wage will stimulate our economy, boost consumer spending, and improve our economic position,” says Burrill. “The 130,000 people in our province working for less than $15/hour deserve a full public airing of this important question.”


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For more information please contact Kyle Buott at (902) 266-2068



Letter to the Premier

May 12, 2016

To: Premier Stephen McNeil

From: NDP Leader Gary Burrill

Re: $15 Minimum Wage


Dear Honourable Premier,

I was very disappointed on Tuesday to hear your cursory dismissal of the idea of a $15 minimum wage.  A $15 minimum wage is an idea that is acquiring currency across North America, and in Canada, is in the process of being implemented in Alberta.  I was particularly disappointed to hear you dismiss a $15 minimum wage on the grounds of potential inflationary pressures.  Inflation, in Nova Scotia, is not our problem.  Our problem is the intensifying financial difficulties our people face in order to live.

I therefore invite you to a public debate with me on this important question of economic policy in Nova Scotia.  I am willing to participate in such a debate in any format, or any setting, and at any time, that you would find suitable.

Staff in the office of the NDP Caucus will be happy to make arrangements for whatever your preferences might be in this connection.

Thank you for considering this invitation.

Very best,

Gary Burrill
Nova Scotia New Democratic Party