Burrill heads to Cape Breton, calls out Liberals austerity agenda

April 15, 2016

Sydney, NS – Nova Scotia NDP Leader Gary Burrill is making his first official trip to Cape Breton since his election as Leader.

Burrill will host a public town hall meeting on Friday, April 15th at 7:00 pm at the Grand Lake Fire Hall, 850 Grand Lake Road.

Burrill will meet with CBRM Mayor Cecil Clarke, visit the picket lines of the striking Chronicle Herald workers, hold a discussion on environmental problems in Cape Breton with the Atlantic Coastal Action Program, meet with the Cape Breton District Labour Council, and a number of other meetings and media interviews.

“The Liberals austerity agenda is hurting Cape Breton. The Liberals eliminated economic development offices, closed of court houses, and cut public sector jobs across Cape Breton,” says Burrill.

Burrill will contrast the Liberals austerity program with the NDP’s positive, progressive agenda including a $15 minimum wage, grocery security for all, strengthening public health care, and protecting our environment.

“The NDP’s positive, progressive agenda will help lift Cape Bretoners out of poverty, increase wages, and strengthen public health care,” says Burrill. “Cape Bretoners can count on the Nova Scotia NDP to stand up for Cape Breton.”


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