Burrill says Liberals austerity agenda out of sync

April 14, 2016

Yesterday, Gary Burrill and the NSNDP Caucus released a spring legislative agenda full of positive, progressive ideas.  Premier Stephen McNeil responded with the accusation that Burrill and the NDP have ideas for spending, without any plans for revenue.
This is untrue.
The NDP’s plan for Nova Scotia is all about revenue generation through economic stimulus and public investment.  “The McNeil Liberals are out of sync with the best current economic thinking on this subject,” says Burrill, “including that of the federal Liberals.  What Nova Scotia needs is the stimulus provided by infrastructure investment, skills training, and an increase in the minimum wage.”
Revenue generation is also addressed through ensuring that a fair share of taxes is paid by everyone.  “As we have seen with the release of the Panama Papers, cracking down on tax havens and restoring taxes on corporations and wealthier individuals to a fairer level can create a great deal of the revenue required for improvements in the services available to people in Nova Scotia,” says Burrill.  “This is the difference between an austerity-based and an investment-based agenda.”