Corbett: Stephen McNeil turned his back on Cape Breton’s economic life line

February 5, 2015

(New Waterford) NDP MLA Frank Corbett wants to know why Stephen McNeil wouldn’t make a similar investment into the Cape Breton rail line that he put into the Yarmouth ferry.

“Stephen McNeil took a hard line with Genesee & Wyoming and said he wouldn’t give a penny more than $3 million to keep the rail line open but then he turns around and hands Nova Star $41.5 million in less than a year and a half,” said Corbett.

“There are a lot of people in Cape Breton right now wondering what they ever did to Stephen McNeil to deserve such a double standard from this Liberal government.”

Corbett says the loss of the rail line has been a big blow to Cape Breton’s economy.

“It’s really been the region’s economic life line for over 100 years and its closure has impacted a lot of local businesses,” says Corbett. “Unfortunately it appears Stephen McNeil doesn’t place much value on jobs in Cape Breton.”