Why has McNeil government delayed plan to replace Centennial building?

September 25, 2015

NDP Health critic Dave Wilson wants to know what’s delayed the plan to replace the Centennial Building at the Victoria General Hospital.

He made the comments following a flood at the facility that could take months to repair, resulting in cancelled surgeries and closed beds. In December 2011, the initial stages of a plan were announced by the previous government to demolish the Centennial Building and to replace it by expanding the Halifax Infirmary while also increasing capacity at the Dartmouth General. A public update on that plan was provided in November of 2012.

“I’m not sure what Leo Glavine means when he says he’s considering replacing the facility, since that decision was already made in 2011 and work was already underway,” says Wilson. “At this point in time the current Liberal government has been in charge of that plan longer than anyone else. Why has this been delayed? Given what happened last night it’s time for the Health Minister to follow through and replace the Centennial Building.”

“I can remember Leo Glavine standing up in the House and saying that time was of the essence when it came to replacing the Centennial Building,” says Wilson. “Now he’s been in charge of the plan longer than any Health Minister in our province’s history and nothing has happened. To make matters worse this is the second major cancellation of surgeries that has occurred while Leo Glavine has been preoccupied with amalgamating District Health Authorities.”