NDP introduce motion to increase CEO hiring accountability

May 4, 2015

Today NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald will introduce a motion to provide greater accountability and transparency when presidents and chief executive officers (CEOs) for government agencies and crown corporations are hired.

The motion requires that the Deputy Minister responsible appear at the provincial Human Resources Committee within three months of such appointments to discuss the qualifications of successful candidates. Currently the committee is only obligated to approve ministerial appointments to government agencies, boards and commissions.

“This is something that is done at the federal level and I think it only makes sense to do it at the provincial level as well,” says MacDonald. “CEOs and presidents are highly paid and have a great deal of responsibility and autonomy. Elected officials need to be given the opportunity to ensure the most qualified individuals are receiving these jobs.”

MacDonald says recent changes made by the McNeil government increase the need for greater accountability.

“Just as an example, the CEO of NSBI now has the ability to award larger incentive packages to private companies without cabinet approval. It’s imperative that the public is reassured that these decisions are being left in capable hands,” adds MacDonald.