McNeil government at standstill while seniors wait for action

July 30, 2015

NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald is calling on the McNeil government to take immediate steps to improve continuing care in Nova Scotia, after the Liberals released ‘Continuing Care – A Path to 2017’ – their plan to have a plan by the end of their term in government.

“Leo Glavine promised an updated Continuing Care strategy in the first 100 days of taking office. It’s now been 616 days since he was sworn in as Health Minister, and Nova Scotians are still waiting while our seniors languish on waiting lists,” said MacDonald.

“First, amalgamating health boards caused chaos in the health care system, and now it’s causing paralysis. They are always planning to do something, but nothing ever seems to get done.” MacDonald said adding more nurse practitioners to long term care facilities and expanding the Advanced Care Paramedic program are two ways to help patients now without waiting for more reviews.

Under the McNeil government, the home care wait list has doubled, they have placed a moratorium on building new long term care beds, and cut about $3.6 million from the operating budgets of long-term care facilities.