Democratic Renewal in Action

March 14, 2016



An NDP leader enjoys no better times than visiting with our Electoral District Associations (EDAs), and meeting and marching with our social movement allies.

I had a full slate of these good times last week.

Last Sunday I met with the Kings South Association.  We talked about the NDP’s course correction—the turn towards a more clearly defined program of social, economic, and environmental justice—and our members’ readiness to undertake this work.

On Tuesday, along with the NDP’s critic for the Status of Women, Lenore Zann, I participated in the lively Antigonish IWD march, and we attended the equally energetic Halifax IWD rally. At both events Lenore spoke about the significant achievements of the feminist movement, and of the pressing issues of gendered poverty and violence against women.

On Wednesday I attended the Annual General Meeting of the Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley EDA.  Very specially, this EDA toasted a remarkable accomplishment: a five-fold increase in its membership over the past year.  Members also celebrated the contributions of two longstanding stalwarts, Kathryn and Ed Belzer, who are moving to Dartmouth.

Then on Friday, together with former MLA Howard Epstein, policy advisor and one of Nova Scotia’s most respected environmentalists, I met with a team of policy experts from the Ecology Action Centre.  The meeting considered the many areas of environmental policy in Nova Scotia—climate justice, energy sustainability and coastal policy among them—where robust interventions are urgently required.

Finally, this past Saturday, I attended a large and lively meeting of the Lunenburg EDA.  The question period discussion here was outstanding—from the role of co-ops to the Party’s media relations; from education to development policy to Party democracy, and much more.

Each meeting in its own way demonstrated the full flow of democratic renewal, keen political awareness, and policy interest that is coursing through our veins.  And each of these events reminded me again how much potential we share, in our Party and on the Left, to change our course in Nova Scotia.

Very good times, indeed.

In solidarity and hope,


Ps:  My office has received a small surge of invitations over the past two weeks.  Keep them coming!