Directors Guild concerned about no new productions following Film Tax Credit changes

July 6, 2015

NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald says information provided by the Directors Guild of Canada show that the McNeil government’s elimination of the Nova Scotia Film Tax Credit has already led to outmigration.

“2015 was supposed to be a record year for film and television in Nova Scotia. But not anymore. All that changed with Stephen McNeil’s rash decision to gut the film industry,” says MacDonald.

James Nicholson, Business Agent of the Directors Guild of Canada for the Atlantic Region, is concerned that there are no new shows confirmed to start after the July 1st end-date of the former film & television labour tax credit. “The majority of productions are shot in the summer and fall, but the end of the film tax credit has meant a great deal of uncertainly for producers, and this is a risk-adverse industry. We understand a few productions that were interested in Nova Scotia chose other jurisdictions. Now, our members have no new work this summer with few prospects in the fall,” says Nicholson.

Nicholson is also concerned about his members leaving Nova Scotia. “The very thing the government says they want to avoid – out-migration – is happening. With no productions starting here in Nova Scotia after July 1st, people are looking for work out west or have already found it in Toronto. We can only hope that these skilled film & television workers will only leave temporarily.”

MacDonald says the elimination of Film & Creative Industries Nova Scotia also continues to frustrate the people in the industry who are trying to stay. “Producers relied on Film & Creative Industries Nova Scotia’s location services. That’s gone. And the expertise needed to help our local entrepreneurs remain globally competitive. That’s gone too,” MacDonald says.