Belliveau calls for plan to double fish exports

May 7, 2015

NDP Fisheries critic Sterling Belliveau is calling on the McNeil government to put in place a plan to double fish exports by 2020.

“The fishery has traditionally been one of our largest export sectors but there is plenty of room for growth,” says Belliveau. “We’ve lost over 20,000 jobs in rural Nova Scotia since Stephen McNeil became Premier and this can’t be allowed to continue. By doubling our fish exports we can create good jobs and stop the outmigration of our young people.”

Belliveau proposes three key changes to achieve this goal. They are:

– exploring the harvest of new and under developed species such as Green Crabs, Stone Crab and Irish Moss

– developing a new Lobster Zone East of the Le Havre Bank (see graphic below)

– implementing Doelle-Lahey aquaculture report in its entirety to create a safe and sustainable aquaculture industry

Belliveau asked the McNeil government to explore these ideas on April 23 in the legislature. He says these changes will take time and every step must be made to ensure this growth is done in a way that protects the environment.

“Doubling fish exports will require vision and a great deal of hard work. The province will have to negotiate with DFO and a considerable amount of scientific research will need to be completed. But we can’t delay any longer and that’s why I’m calling on the government to start working on a plan as soon as possible.”

 Lobster Industry Growth