Corbett: Liberals don’t keep their word again on Efficiency Nova Scotia

April 11, 2014

NDP Energy Critic Frank Corbett says today’s Nova Scotia Power (NSP) announcement of a $34 million tax-deductible donation to Efficiency Nova Scotia amounts to another Liberal broken promise.

On Monday, Andrew Younger announced he was forcing Nova Scotia Power to pay $37 million of its profits over the next 10 years to Efficiency Nova Scotia. Today, Nova Scotia Power announced the figure is actually $34 million and it expects NSP shareholders will be able to claim the “charitable donation” as a tax-deduction.

“$37 million of NSP profit should mean $37 million of NSP profit,” said Corbett. “Andrew Younger should have insisted the money NSP is giving to Efficiency Nova Scotia is $3.7 million a year after inflation and tax rebates are factored in, not before. Had the Minister taken a harder line with the utility many more families could have benefited from today’s announcement.”

Corbett added, “it says a lot about the priorities of Stephen McNeil’s Liberal government that in the span of one week they take a $50 million tax rebate away from young students and graduates, and then hand a $34 million tax rebate to Nova Scotia Power shareholders.”

Corbett says while he supports Nova Scotia Power helping low-income families upgrade their homes to make them more energy efficient, he’d like to see more done. He also wonders what threshold will actually be used by the Liberal government to determine a low-income household and if the threshold will be adjusted for inflation as the program roles out.

“They cut Nova Scotia Power some slack to deal with inflation, I hope they do the same for low-income households,” said Corbett.