Premier needs to explain core government priorities in light of Engage NS funding

February 13, 2015

NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald is asking why Stephen McNeil is giving up to $400,000 in new public expenditures to Engage Nova Scotia at a time when programs and services are being cut.

“How can the Premier justify this new expense when plans to cut government programs are well underway,” said MacDonald. “This money could be used to keep Community Services offices opened, or to reduce ER closures but instead it’s being used to address ‘psychological barriers.’ It’s as if the Premier isn’t aware of the day-to-day challenges many Nova Scotians are currently facing.”

She added, “Two days ago the Premier told the Halifax Chamber his government could only afford to fund core services. How is this a core service?”

Earlier this week the Premier also announced he would be hiring a third deputy minister who will report directly to him. The average deputy Minister’s salary exceeds $150,000 per year.