Extension of online access to medical records good step, but 90,000 Nova Scotians still without a family doctor

July 28, 2016

For immediate release.

HALIFAX – The government announced today they will roll out a program to provide patients electronic access to medical files based a pilot originally introduced by the NDP. The Liberals have yet to release their plan for the 90,000 people who are currently without a family doctor.

“Online access to medical records is the direction our health care system needs to move in. That’s why the NDP introduced online access to medical records in 2012,” said NDP Health and Wellness Critic Dave Wilson. “But I still want to see the Liberal’s plan to deliver on its promise to ensure every Nova Scotian has access to a family doctor.”

In November 2012, the NDP launched an 18 month pilot project that provided 6,000 patients with online access to routine test results and medical records. The pilot also allowed patients to arrange appointments online. Ninety-eight per cent of participants in the pilot said that they wanted the program to continue.

“It is good that patients will be able to access test results online, but they need to be able to access a doctor first,” said NDP Leader Gary Burrill.


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