NDP call on McNeil government to place a stop on the Fall River Quarry

September 23, 2015

NDP MLA Denise Peterson-Rafuse is calling on Andrew Younger to use his powers under the Environment Act to stop the Fall River Quarry project until a full review of the industrial approval is conducted, which includes consultation with the community.

Yesterday, the public became aware the province had approved the quarry application. When asked to respond the Minister said that he only found out about the approval on Facebook and that his “hands are tied” in the matter.

Peterson-Rafuse says the community in Fall River deserves better from the McNeil government.
“The Minister of Environment has very broad powers, in fact under the Environment Act the Minister can issue an order to stop any project if he has valid concerns,” says Peterson-Rafuse. “Obviously the Minister has to respect existing regulations, but given the public’s concern and the various court challenges around this project the Minister needs to step in and order a full review. For Minister Younger to claim the approval took place behind his back and that his hands are tied is just plain wrong.”
Peterson-Rafuse also points out that Liberal MLA Bill Horne made an election promise to “Stop the Quarry.” (See attached)

“This is just another broken election promise by the McNeil government, families in Fall River deserve better,” says Peterson-Rafuse.