Enough is enough; Time for Liberal government to open CEC at Fishermen’s Memorial

December 11, 2014

(Chester, NS) NDP MLA Denise Peterson-Rafuse is calling on Health Minister Leo Glavine to open a Collaborative Emergency Centre at Fishermen’s Memorial Hospital by the end of 2015.

Yesterday, Dec. 10, Mary Jane Hampton released a review of Nova Scotia’s CECs which proved the model has significantly improved the delivery of primary health care in rural communities. In 2012, the previous government announced a CEC for Fishermen’s Memorial, however the Liberal government has not delivered and has failed to open a single new CEC well in to the second year of its mandate.

“The constant emergency room closures at Fishermen’s Memorial over the past year could have been prevented had Minister Glavine opened the CEC,” said Peterson-Rafuse.

“The Liberals’ failure to act has had a negative impact on health care in our region. Enough is enough, I’m calling on the Minister to open the CEC at Fishermen’s Memorial by the end of next year and I’m hoping the Liberal MLA for Lunenburg will make the same demand.”