Full-time job losses a cause for concern

January 6, 2017

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HALIFAX – NDP Leader Gary Burrill is urging the Liberals to get serious about rising unemployment as full-time jobs continue to fall in Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia lost 5,500 full time jobs in the past month according to Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey. This contributes to a disturbing trend of full-time job losses. Since December 2015, the province has lost 13,300 full time jobs.

“Stephen McNeil only has one idea – balance the budget no matter the price. The price that people are paying is fewer full-time jobs,” said Burrill. “We need a government that will invest in people and their skills and ensure that there are good jobs close to home.”

The Labour Force Survey also found that part-time employment is up.

“The major loss of 13,300 full-time jobs last year and the creation of almost 16,000 part-time jobs is a cause for concern,” said Suzanne MacNeil, President of the Halifax-Dartmouth and Distract Labour Council.  “Part-time jobs do not provide the kind of economic security all workers deserve.”

“To create good jobs close to home, we need to start to invest in our future. This means making sure young people get the skills and training they need. It means increasing the minimum wage to $15 so that people can make ends meet,” said Burrill.


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