Gary Burrill is ready to make investments in people 

April 30, 2017

For immediate release.

Halifax (NS) – With the 2017 Nova Scotia general election now underway, NDP leader Gary Burrill is ready to invest in the people of Nova Scotia.

“In 2013 Stephen McNeil said he would make things better for the people of Nova Scotia and now, nearly four years later, things have gotten worse,” said Burrill. “There are more people without a family doctor, ER closures are up, patients are being left in hospital hallways, seniors have been left without the care they need, youth unemployment is up and more families are using food banks.”  

Burrill spoke to a crowd at a local coffee shop before heading out to canvass in his riding of Halifax-Chebucto. 

“This election presents a clear choice for the people of Nova Scotia. Do they want four more years of being told what we can’t do with cuts and claw-backs from the McNeil Liberals, or do they want an NDP government that is ready to listen and work together to make the necessary investments in our people?”

“I believe in the people of Nova Scotia and I know that together we can do this.” 

Election day is May 30. 


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