Glavine shows appreciation for seniors by forcing nursing home layoffs

October 1, 2016

For Immediate Release

Halifax–Today is National Seniors Day. Yesterday the McNeil Liberal government issued a release announcing the start of Seniors Week, just as Nova Scotians learned of layoffs at several nursing homes.

“Let’s celebrate the seniors in our lives and their contribution to the well-being of our province,” said Leo Glavine–Minister of Seniors and Minister of Health–in yesterday’s release. “I encourage everyone to take the time to acknowledge and appreciate the older adults in your life.”

According to CUPE Nova Scotia on Friday, however, Liberal cuts to long-term care have forced new layoffs at four facilities: Melville Lodge in Halifax, Gables Lodge in Amherst, Whitehills in Hammonds Plains, and the Admiral in Dartmouth–run by GEM Health Care Group.

“If laying off nursing home staff is the Liberals’ way of showing respect for seniors, I’d hate to be the object of their disrespect,” said NDP leader Gary Burrill.

This summer, management at a number of nursing homes and residential care facilities revealed that the McNeil government provided false information about the extent of funding cuts in long-term care. The actual cut, in fact, turns out to be approximately double what was revealed in figures provided by the government to the NDP. In total, the Liberals cut more than $6 million from nursing homes and residential care facilities.

In addition, the NDP obtained a document showing that the McNeil government eliminated all non-emergency capital funding for long-term care facilities starting in February 2016.

“Nursing homes are being made to cut corners in nutrition, recreational programs, and staffing,” said NDP health critic Dave Wilson. “Seniors deserve respect and dignity – not cutbacks that diminish their quality of life.”


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