Government House Leader calls on Zinck to Do the Right Thing

June 18, 2013

Do the Right Thing


Deputy Premier and House Leader Frank Corbett is calling on independent MLA Trevor Zinck to do the honourable thing and resign his seat in the House of Assembly.

 “After pleading guilty to a number of serious crimes, including fraud and breach of trust, the only honourable choice left for him is to resign,” said Mr. Corbett. 

 Yesterday Mr. Zinck, independent MLA for Dartmouth North, plead guilty to fraud and breach of trust and will be sentenced on August 7th for his crimes.

 “Nova Scotians deserve better from their elected representatives,” said Mr. Corbett.  “If Mr. Zinck chooses not to do the right thing I am prepared to consult the Speaker and opposition house leaders about recalling the legislature and formally expel him.”

“I hope it does not come to this.”