More jobs for graduates: the focus of new NDP bill

October 15, 2014

NDP MLA Frank Corbett says the NDP have a plan to provide more jobs and training for apprentices and recent graduates in Nova Scotia.

“We need to be doing everything we can to attract and retain skilled workers in Nova Scotia. An important part of that is ensuring apprentices and recent graduates have access to good jobs,” said Corbett.

Today Corbett will introduce a bill in the House of Assembly that would tie a certain number of hires to investments the province makes.

“The apprenticeship retention bill the NDP is currently proposing is exactly the type of mind set and form of idea we need as a province to move forward in a pro-active manner to better the economic stability across all demographics,” says Alexander Elderkin, President of Kingstec Nova Scotia Community College Student Assembly and electrical technician student.

Alexander Elderkin, President of Kingstec NSCC Student Assembly.

Alexander Elderkin, President of Kingstec NSCC Student Assembly.

Corbett says, for example, under the new bill companies that receive government contracts in capital construction, road work or infrastructure would be mandated to hire a certain number of local apprentices for the duration of the contract. This would also include sub-contractors.

“This bill improves accountability and guarantees a certain number of jobs will go to individuals who live and have graduated from Nova Scotia institutions,” said Corbett.

Corbett says the newly formed apprenticeship agency already has representatives from various sectors and this legislation could be part of their mandate.

“Nova Scotia has lost jobs 9,000 since the Liberal’s came in to government. It’s time for the Premier to admit their promise not to invest in jobs is hurting Nova Scotians and start finding solutions. We think this bill is one solution,” said Corbett.