Liberals will continue to give public support to companies using Treasury Board

April 23, 2014

NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald says Premier McNeil was clear today his government would continue to give grants to companies – a practice he promised to discontinue.

“Today the Premier acknowledged his promise to stop giving grants to companies would not be fulfilled. According to the Premier, the Liberal government will continue to invest in companies using the Treasury Board,” said MacDonald.

“The only thing the government has done is move the Jobs Fund from the Department of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism to the Premier’s office.”

Today in Question Period MacDonald asked the Premier to reiterate the number of Liberal cabinet ministers which make up Treasury Board and clarify why they should be allowed to approve grants to companies.

The Premier reassured MacDonald the Liberal process for investing in companies is fundamentally ‘no different’ than before.

“The Premier promised Nova Scotians over and over again there would be no grants to private companies from his Liberal government. This amounts to another broken promise by the Premier,” said MacDonald.

The Premier told the Chronicle Herald on September 26, 2013, “We’ve made it clear that there would be no grants from a Liberal government.”.

“Just last week we found out the Liberal government was breaking its promise to force Nova Scotia Power to pay for efficiency programs out of its own profits – now this.

This will disappoint Nova Scotians who expected the Liberals would deliver on this promise as advertised,”