Health care system crumbles under weight of Liberal neglect

January 7, 2016

Three separate incidents in the span of 24 hours highlight the deteriorating state of Nova Scotia’s health care system under the McNeil government, says NDP MLA Dave Wilson.

Yesterday, the Dartmouth General was asking patients to go elsewhere due to overcrowding while the preparation of chemotherapy drugs was disrupted at the Centennial building in Halifax due to more flooding. Meanwhile, a staff person at the New Waterford mental health clinic went public with concerns over the declining state of that facility.

This comes days after it was discovered that the McNeil government has paid $1 million to outsource blood pathology work to an American clinic and that the Emergency Room at the Roseway Hospital has been closed on eight separate occasions in the past three weeks.

“There is a reason for this very troubling string of events in our health care system and it’s the same reason Emergency Room closures have increased by 30% in the past year,” says Wilson. “The McNeil government has frozen the health care budget, they’ve asked the health authority to cut 1% of spending across the board, and Stephen McNeil’s top priority has been picking fights with our province’s dedicated health care workers. As a result patient care has suffered and our health care system has been thrown into turmoil.”