Liberals creating another health care disruption

May 22, 2014

NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald wants to know how Stephen McNeil can allow Capital Health to send 200 nurses home when just weeks ago he passed legislation preventing the very same nurses from going on strike.

She made the comments after learning that close to 200 nurses were being suspended for taking job action in opposition to Bill 37.

“Stephen McNeil stripped nurses of their collective bargaining rights because, he said, if they went on strike it would place public safety at risk,” said MacDonald. “If that’s the case, then how can he turn around and let Capital Health suspend 200 nurses? That’s not improving health care; it’s just making labour relations worse.”

MacDonald says the Premier should be working to heal the relationship between nurses, Capital Health and government but instead he continues to punish health care workers.

“Essentially the Premier has just created another health care disruption,” said MacDonald. “Stephen McNeil could have told Capital Health to put this matter behind them and work to mend fences. Instead he’s allowing punitive measures to take place that will do nothing to improve patient care and are completely unnecessary.”

MacDonald hopes the Liberal government will begin to work more closely with nurses to address their concerns around patient safety. But first she says it’s imperative the McNeil government begin to treat nurses and other health care workers with more respect.