James Finnie nominated as NDP Candidate in Colchester North

January 18, 2017

For Immediate Release

TRURO – The NDP nominated James Finnie as their candidate in Colchester North, last night at a nomination meeting at Valley Elementary School.  About 50 people attended the meeting.  Finnie won in a contested nomination against Corey Matheson.

NDP Leader Gary Burrill, NDP MLA for Truro-Bible Hill-Milbrook-Salmon River Lenore Zann, and President of the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour, Danny Cavanagh, all spoke at the event.

“I would like to thank the many, many people who turned out for tonight’s vote. I look forward to the important job ahead of providing a voice that really represents the people of Colchester North,” said Finnie.

“In James Finnie, the NDP will offer the people of Colchester North a strong, clear voice for making the investments in our people that are required,” said Burrill. “The McNeil Liberals only have one idea – balancing the budget – and they are willing to pay any price, including cutting funding to nursing homes and undermining public education, in order to make it happen.”

Finnie was born in Scotland. He fell in love with Colchester County on a visit nine years ago and decided to make it his home. He now lives in East Mountain with his wife, Linda, a nurse, and his youngest son Argyll, who is a student at CEC. His other four adult children and one grandchild live in the UK.

James is an avid volunteer within the community. He has been involved with Ground Search and Rescue, is the current president of the Scots Society of Colchester, and more recently became President of the first Colchester Highland Games and Gathering Society. He proudly became a Canadian citizen in 2013.


For more information, contact Mike Poworoznyk at 902-225-7777 or provsec@nsndp.ca