Do not reduce service at Lady Hammond fire station says MacDonald

January 12, 2016

NDP Leader and Halifax Needham MLA Maureen MacDonald is calling on HRM Council to reject a proposal to eliminate paid firefighters during the night shift at the Lady Hammond Road Station (Station 4) in the North End of Halifax.

Today Council will meet to decide on a proposal to have Station 4 served by volunteer firefighters at night, and paid firefighters during the day. Currently the station is staffed by paid firefighters 24 hours a day.

“I’m really quite disturbed that this is back before Council with a recommendation to use volunteer firefighters during the evening,” says MacDonald. “While I have nothing but the greatest of respect and admiration for those who step forward to serve in a volunteer capacity there is no other way to characterize this proposal than as a reduction in the current service. I fear it will lead to the eventually closure of the Lady Hammond Road station entirely.”

MacDonald says Halifax’s North End is rapidly expanding and the HRM should be looking at increasing fire protection services, instead of reducing them.

“With construction and the addition of more and more residential, commercial and light industrial development throughout the community this is hardly a justifiable option and appears to be motivated solely by a desire to save a relatively small amount of money,” adds MacDonald.