A year of Liberal broken promises

October 8, 2014

Today, Nova Scotians are marking one year of Liberal broken promises under Stephen McNeil’s leadership.

“If you look back at the Liberal platform it becomes painfully clear the Premier hasn’t delivered as advertised,” said NDP leader Maureen MacDonald. “The only real promise he’s kept is to not invest to create new jobs in the province. The fact that Nova Scotia has lost 9,000 jobs in the past year is cause for concern.”

MacDonald pointed to a long list of Liberal broken promises including the following:

• Liberals promised to break the “power monopoly” – but the monopoly is alive and well.

• Liberals promised to force Nova Scotia Power pay for Efficiency NS –- instead Nova Scotia Power can now charge ratepayers for Efficiency NS.

• Liberals promised to save ratepayers $13 million annually by merging District Health Authorities – today they can’t really say if there will ever be any savings.

• Liberals promised a family doctor for every Nova Scotian within a year – that didn’t happen.

• Liberals promised to extend the Film Tax Credit – now the program is under review.

• Liberals promised to cap grade 4 class sizes this September – but still no cap.

• Liberals promised to reduce spending across departments by 1% – instead spending increased.

• Liberals promised to reduce surgery wait times – but wait times remain unchanged.

MacDonald says to this point, the most significant changes the Liberals have made were things they conveniently left out of their platform.

“A year ago Stephen McNeil made no mention that he was going to cut the Graduate Retention Rebate or take away the collective rights of health care workers, but at this point in time those are the two most notable decisions of his government,” added MacDonald.