Nova Scotians Deserve Answers on Tainted Trust Fund Dollars

April 17, 2013

(Halifax, N.S.) NDP MLAs today introduced resolutions about the tainted liberal trust fund in the House of Assembly and called for a debate on the use of that tainted money.

“Stephen McNeil and the Liberals moved $365,000 of tainted trust fund dollars into their regular bank accounts just before legislation passed outlawing the use of the tainted trust money,” said Jim Boudreau, MLA for Guysborough Sheet Harbour.

“The Liberals have also remained silent on where the remaining tainted trust fund money has gone and the status of the public policy institute they promised.”

In 2009, the NDP made important changes to the rules around political donations to ensure fairness and transparency. Just before those changes were set to come into effect, the Liberals quietly shifted some of their tainted trust fund dollars to avoid penalty. They also promised to set up a public policy institute, Allan J. MacEachern Institute for Public Policy.

Financial Statements from 2009 show the Liberals transferred $365,000 from the fund that was only to be used for non-election purposes to an unrestricted fund making it accessible for attack advertising and political gain.

“Nova Scotians deserve answers,” said Boudreau.

“The NDP have asked that the Liberal Party Leader and the Liberal Caucus explain to all Nova Scotians why their party transferred $365,000 from the questionable trust funds gained during years of Liberal patronage and kick-backs, into the Stephen McNeil election effort just before new legislation prohibiting this took effect and what the money was used for.”