Liberal MLAs use public dollars to support Chronicle Herald management

January 20, 2017

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HALIFAX & NEW WATERFORD – Nineteen Liberal MLAs expensed a combined total of $18,515.48 in subscriptions, advertising, and merchandise from the Chronicle Herald’s various business ventures in 2016.  These expenses are in violation of the widespread boycott of the Chronicle Herald initiated by the Halifax Typographical Union, which represents striking journalists, editors, and photographers at the Herald.  As of Monday, January 23, workers will have been on strike for a full year.

“Labour Minister Kelly Regan has claimed that the government is not taking sides in the dispute. Well, when a majority of Liberal caucus members, including the Labour Minister, continue to do business with the Herald during a strike, what else are you going to call it but taking sides?” said NDP Leader Gary Burrill. “The NDP has been proud to stand in support of striking journalists at the Herald since the labour dispute began.  We have been calling for an end to government advertising in the Herald throughout the strike.”

Of note among the Liberal MLAs is David Wilton, MLA for Cape Breton Centre, who accounts for 47 per cent of the expenses, or $8,702.01.  In September, the Herald was forced to close its Cape Breton weekly due to a “headwind of union sympathy in Industrial Cape Breton,” according to the company.

“The people of Cape Breton Centre are strong supporters of workers’ rights and trade unions.  For the MLA representing the town where William Davis is buried to give almost $9,000 in taxpayers’ money to the Herald while the workers are on strike is deeply disappointing,” said Tammy Martin, NDP Candidate for Cape Breton Centre.  “Cape Bretoners know how important it is to stand together to save good jobs in our communities. It’s too bad our MLA doesn’t understand solidarity.”

The major issues at the bargaining table include layoffs, double-digit wage rollbacks and the repeal of pay equity rules for women.

The NDP continues to support striking journalists by refusing to do interviews or submit content to the Herald.

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For more information, contact Mike Poworoznyk at 902-225-7777 or provsec@nsndp.ca

Full list of Liberal MLAs spending at the Herald:

David Wilton (Cape Breton Centre): $8702.01

Notes: Regular advertiser, subscriber, newsletter printing and magnet manufacturing; expenses in March 2016 not listed below because advertisements were placed in print before strike.

Joanne Bernard (Dartmouth North): $156.00

Notes: Cabinet member, two 26-week subscriptions expensed in May and November

Karen Casey (Colchester North): $470.12

Notes: Cabinet member, two one-year subscriptions expensed in November

Keith Colwell (Preston – Dartmouth): $270

Notes: One advertisement in February

Randy Delorey (Antigonish): $1143

Notes: Regular monthly subscriber, and four advertisement packages in February, April and May.

Pamela Eyking (Victoria – The Lakes): $3220

Notes: Over thirty (30) advertising packages throughout 2016 and a one-year subscription expensed in May.

Terry Farrell (Cumberland North): $256.88

Notes: Two 26-week subscriptions expensed in February and September

Stephen Gough (Sackville – Beaver Bank): $228

Notes: One-time advertisement expensed in June

Bill Horne (Waverly – Fall River – Beaver Bank): $256.88

Notes: One-year subscription expensed in April

Ben Jessome (Hammonds Plains – Lucasville): $108.18

Notes: Regular monthly subscriber

Labi Kousoulis (Halifax Citadel – Sable Island): $128.44

Notes: 26-week subscription expensed in May

Suzanne Lohnes-Croft (Lunenburg): $156

Notes: One-year subscription purchased in January 2016

Geoff MacLellan (Glace Bay): $199

Notes: One-time advertisement expensed in August

Kevin Murphy (Eastern Shore): $266.86

Notes: Regular monthly subscriber

Ian Rankin (Timberlea – Prospect): $228.28

Notes: One-year subscription expensed in February

Kelly Regan (Bedford): $1657

Notes: Newsletter printing expensed in March

Michel Samson (Cape Breton – Richmond) : $432.60

Notes: One-year subscription purchased in June, March advertisement

Joachim Stroink (Halifax Chebucto): $507.74

Notes: Regular monthly subscriber, advertisement expensed in May

Gordon Wilson (Clare – Digby): $128.49

Notes: 26-week subscription expensed in June