Liberal plan for VG P3 will cost Nova Scotians millions

April 21, 2016


Halifax, NS – Using a P3 model to build new health facilities is shortsighted, will cost more, and will likely result in major delays, says the Nova Scotia NDP Caucus.

“Even the Deputy Minister of the Department of Health and Wellness has warned the Liberals against privatizing the Victoria General Hospital,” says Dave Wilson, NDP Health Critic.  “Nova Scotia spent millions more than necessary in the 1990s because the last Liberal government decided to build P3 schools. Now we will spend millions more than necessary again so this Liberal government can privatize our hospitals and build P3 health facilities.”

“The NDP government began implementing a plan to rebuild the VG. It started with the expansion of the 5th floor of the Dartmouth General.  It’s obvious the Liberals wasted two years restructuring the Health Authority instead of focusing on rebuilding this important hospital and improving front-line care,” says Wilson.

The Nova Scotia NDP Caucus did a FOIPOP of documents related to P3s.  Peter Vaughan, Deputy Minister of the Department of Health and Wellness, wrote “It is difficult to find examples of successful P3s where there are no criticisms”.  The Deputy Minister the goes on to list multiple examples of massive cost-over runs associated with P3s. (Full document link here: https://classic.nsndp.ca/ns/mcneil-p3-concerns)

P3s do not work.  The Auditor General has made many criticism of the process including costs, construction delays, transparency and accountability.

In the Fall, the NDP introduced bill to create an independent Financial Accountability Officer which would report directly to the legislature to evaluate these P3 schemes and make the public doesn’t get fleeced.  The Liberals did not bring this legislation to a vote, meaning that the financial details of this new P3 scheme will be kept secret from the public.

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