Liberal Platform Costing for Commitments Already Made

September 11, 2013

Here are the commitments Nova Scotians expect to see in the N.S. Liberal Platform based on the promises they’ve made over the last several months.


Things Nova Scotians expect to see in the Liberal Platform


Insulin Pumps for All (Bill 14) $25,000,000

Tax Credits (Bills 23, 8 and 16) $25,000,000

Caps on Class Size (Bill15) $15,000,000

Special Needs Funding (Bill 21) $3,500,000

HST rebate on funerals (Bill 26) $4,500,000

20 new Medical Seats (Bill 25): $1,500,000

Rural doctor internship program (Bill 33) $1,000,000

Diabetic supports in schools (Bill 18) $500,000

Consulting Costs (1) $3,000,000



New Administration (2) $2,500,000


Increase education funding by $65,000,000 $50,000,000

(Less $15,000,000 for class size caps – costed above)


Interest-free student loans $5,000,000


Total Liberal Commitments* $136,000,000


Offsetting savings** None


Additional Debt Servicing costs/yr

for Liberal commitments already made +$4,500,000

($4,500,000 annually for each additional

$100,000,000 in debt)


* Total annual cost of full program implementation

** None required, Liberals do not intend to balance the budget

(1) 8 bills call for reviews, including 9 & 17 which would review the entire NS education system as well as those in the rest of Canada; bill 28 calls for a comprehensive review of all provincial & federal taxes, etc.

(2) Includes new FTEs to implement programs, plus creating new offices such as Office of Fire and Emergency Services, Bill 12.